The Big One Sight Screen

The Big One Sight Screen

£4193.00 Excluding v.a.t.
The “Big” One Polyethylene Sight Screen is a special larger version of our County screen which uses the same top quality, heavy duty, high density polyethylene screen boards.The big one sight screen is 8m long x 4.5m high when fully extended, with 1m sticking out on either side of the main steel runner. This helps in supporting the side wings when the screen is in the open position. The screen can also be folded to a width of 4m.

There are 2 no. 5m long galvanised steel axles with 4 no. fully galvanised steel wheels with a 320mm diam x 150mm tread. All of the steel work we provide is fully galvanised.

The wings, which are already welded together, are attached to the main screen section using 4 no. heavy duty hinges attached to each of these. They are held in place in the open position by a swivelling catch. While in the closed position, which is how the screen should be left when not in use, a bolt and padlock will keep the screen wings in place for safety and maintaining the stability of the screen.

The Big One Sight Screen Size: 8m long x 4.5m high

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