Aluminium Hinged Rugby Posts

Aluminium Hinged Rugby Posts

£ Excluding v.a.t.
Hinged aluminium socketed rugby posts are an easier to manage alternative to standard socketed goals.

Two piece uprights with the bottom upright made from 76mm diam aluminium and the top section and crossbars from 63.5mm diam aluminium.

The posts are powder coated white. Posts are supplied with steel ground sockets with hinged lids. The heavy duty galvanised steel hinged assembly consists of two flat plates which are securely held together with four vertical bolts.

The bottom plate has a spigot which fits into the steel ground socket, The top plate has a spigot over which the bottom upright of the rugby posts fits and is bolted in place. There are two large horizontal bolts which are fitted to the plates and these are the bolts which allow the hinged movement to take place.

Posts are 8.53m (28′) out of ground height.
Posts are 10.67m (35′) out of ground height.

Please note: A standard socketed version of these goals is also available – see Aluminium Rugby Posts 8.53m.

It is recommended that all rugby posts should be used with padded post protectors.

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