Bola Machine Safety Stand

Bola Machine Column Compact Safety Stand

£498.00 Excluding v.a.t.
The Bola Machine Column Compact Safety stand stands on 4 casters and needs a flat surface to stand on.
A column compact machine stand is a supportive structure designed specifically to hold and stabilise a column compact bowling machine during use. These stands are essential for ensuring the proper functioning of the bowling machine and providing a secure platform for practice sessions.

Designed for smaller storage spaces with a reduced footprint (900mm x 1000mm).
Movable height machine bracket for adjustment of ball delivery height – 4 bolts and wing-nuts.

Operator protection for lower body only. Easy and quick to move and set up.

Will accommodate all BOLA Bowling Machines and Auto Feeders.Illustrated with machine and auto feeder (which are to be purchased separately) see our range here click here

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