Fence Folding Aluminium Goals

Fence Folding Aluminium Goals

£2618.00 Excluding v.a.t.
Fence Fixed Aluminium Football Goals:

Goals with crossbars and uprights manufactured from 100mm x 110mm reinforced elliptical profile aluminium, powder coated white.
These goals are fitted to 4 no. 100mm square galvanised support posts, which must be installed beyond the fence line by the customer.
Side bars made from fully galvanised 50mm x 50mm square section steel are fitted to the goal face and the support poles to allow the goals to fold back to the fence when not in use.

Goals come with 3mm white nets and lock on nylon safety net hooks.

Please note: The projection from the fence line can be between 3m and 5m and MUST be confirmed when ordering.
It is always recommended that these goals should be installed professionally.

Mini Goal Size: 3.6m x 1.83m
Junior 5-a-side Goal Size: 3.6m x 1.2m
Senior 5-a-side Goal Size: 4.8m x 1.2m
Senior 7-a-side Goal Size: 4.8m x 1.83m
9-a-side Goal Size: 4.8m x 2.13m
Senior Goal Size: 7.32m x 2.44m
Youth Goal Size: 6.40m x 2.13m

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