Heavy Duty Portable Tennis Posts

Heavy Duty Portable Tennis Posts

£865.00 Excluding v.a.t.
NEW heavier duty freestanding tennis posts which have solved the problem of getting more tension on the net and yet are easily moved.

They have 76mm square steel wheelaway ends with all British brass winder mechanism. The ends are painted green.

The boom is made of three sections out of 60mm x 60mm x 3mm thick steel with galvanised finish.

The unit sits on 6 no. braked castor wheels ( two per end and two on the boom) making the posts easier than ever to move.

These posts have superior stability and can take up to a 3.5mm thick tournament tennis net.They also allow for a centre tape.

Note: Each set is 13.60m long so when purchasing several sets please confirm you can fit them into your area.

Please order your tennis net separately.

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